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The commitment, passion, professionalism of all of us to ensure our customers no longer need to worry about dealing with class C smallware and become a benchmark, recognised by the market and capable of innovating to anticipate demands. A prompt to look beyond what represents us, one generation after another.




Berardi Bullonerie's mission is to assist its customers in reducing overall procurement costs, proposing and sharing technical solutions, by developing innovative services that reduce handling costs and offer an increasingly wider range of products that helps cut back on the number of suppliers.

This is achieved each day thanks to those who work with us and whom we look to hold on to and see grow through personal satisfaction and motivation.

This is why we are committed to:

• assessing the unique aspects of each employee and co-worker
• adapting the working conditions and making them comfortable
• organising and promoting training events for their personal and professional growth




Giovanni Berardi-Berardi Bullonerie's President

"We don't just sell iron fastening items, we sell the added value provided by those who work for Berardi Bullonerie. A group of companies that has achieved a turnover of tens of millions of Euro but still upholds the preparation, mentality, style, humility and passion of a small artisan workshop."

Giovanni Berardi, owner

Berardi Bullonerie: numbers, facts and people

Turnover for 2023 in Euro
over 107 million
(Group € 123,000,000)

Items in stock

Items/year handled
130 thousand

(Group 311)

Sales people
(Group 76)


(and 4 associated)


Lines moved

The trust of more than

Optimise times and costs

"We combine a view of cutting overall costs between customer and supplier with a series of logistics solutions that allow us to eliminate all those hidden costs in the procurement of our product"
Giovanni Berardi, owner

Tangible solutions and results

For Berardi Bullonerie, focus on the client is shown through a strong added value activity:

• Variety and depth of range
• Reduction of lead times and customer warehouse stocks
• Guaranteed, punctual delivery times
• Product testing: the quality team selects, checks and guarantees all the products thanks to advanced
   internal lab tools
• Products guaranteed even under severe criteria of supplier selection
• Technical and commercial consulting with a dedicated and customised customer care service
• Reduction of times and simplification of low unit value product purchasing procedures with
   technical and logistics consulting
• Resolution of technical problems with the contribution of a team of dedicated people to work
   alongside the customer in choosing the best solutions

Kanban System

The customers receive warehouse stock directly on the production line with deadlines and amounts pre-programmed during service planning, a stage at which the Berardi team works with the customer in search of winning and competitive solutions.

There are numerous advantages, the most important being:

• reduction in procurement handling costs
• guarantee of maintaining minimum stockpiles
• elimination of the customer's warehouse

KanbanUp:la rivoluzione della semplicità per le forniture just-in-time
KanbanUp: the revolution of simplicity for just-in-time supplies

An on-going story since 1919

Berardi Bullonerie is a screw, fasteners distribution company now in its fourth family generation and it has always stood out for the high level of service offered to its customers.

The activity started back in 1919 with a small shop in Piazza Maggiore in Bologna.

In 1960, the shop became a distribution company and moved its business to a large, equipped warehouse.

1984, when the business moved to a 4,500 m2 warehouse with around 15,000 items in stock, was the year when Berardi Bullonerie entered the circle of large Italian distribution companies of screws and fasteners.

In January 2003, the company moved to its current headquarters in Castel Guelfo (BO) organising a semi-automated warehouse of 10,000 square metres, 50,000 items in stock (130,000 in the database) and more than 1,000,000 lines dispatched each year.


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Special custom parts and quality
Kanban Berardi

A modern distribution centre

Berardi Bullonerie was one of the first companies in the industry to achieve ISO 9002 certification in 1995. Over the years, the company has adapted its Quality system to the new editions of regulatory standards.
Thanks to the extensiveness of the range, punctuality and timeliness in meeting its customer's needs, Berardi Bullonerie distributes its products to both a national and international clientèle belonging to a variety of different product sectors.

The guiding criteria behind its activity is achieving a maximum level of efficiency to guarantee the customer a fast, practical service of metal smallware procurement.
The modern organisation of the warehouse, the dedicated software based on radiofrequency systems, the transport network and a team of people dedicated to customer care, make Berardi Bullonerie a reliable and valued partner.

Guaranteed by those who recommend us

The best quality guarantee are our customers, numbering over 6,000 that include:

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