Unified fasteners and screws for the heating and air conditioning industry

The wide range of unified fasteners and screws allows Berardi to collaborate with companies producing:

  • systems for heating and air conditioning
    such as heat pumps, climate control systems, boilers, stoves, and boiler fireplaces
  • refrigeration units and heat exchangers
    such as condensing units and evaporators
  • accessories for climate control
    such as conduits, brackets, floor bases, pipes, and condensation drain pumps

Berardi is a primary supplier for the fastening systems needed in the industry due, not only, to its catalogue of unified screws, but also to the wide assortment of related products such as anchors, clips, wheel nuts, manoeuvring elements, hose clamps, springs, and washers, as well as for its consulting service for designing customer products that our technical department studies for every non standard need.

Integrated Logistics

We resolve our customers’ resource and materials management problems through a custom logistics service, calibrated on each individual need. 

For each customer, a specialized team studies the ideal logistics solution based on manufacturing features, internal procedures, and the configuration of the area involved in the service in order to ensure maximum efficiency in providing the metal hardware needed.

The Kanban logistics service that we offer is specifically designed to speed up production times, preventing unexpected occurrences and emergencies that could undermine stability.

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Over 6,000 customers  guarantee the quality that Berardi offers, collaborating, for example, with:

  • leading companies in the production of components and products for refrigeration and air conditioning
  • well-known international brands for  thermal comfort  in the home and in commercial and industrial environments
  • manufacturers of stoves, fireplaces, and components for heating systems

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