Nord-Lock Wheel Nuts

Since 2012, Berardi Bullonerie is an authorized distributor of Nord-Lock, a Swedish company that is an international leader in fastenings for bolted joints subject to strong vibrations and dynamic loads.

Nord-Lock is not just Wheel Nuts

Nord-Lock Washers

The problem: loosening of wheel nuts

Nord-Lock has found the solution to a costly, hazardous problem that was considered unresolvable: the loosening of wheel nuts on heavy vehicles.
Safe wheel assembly relies on high pre-loads, whose loss causes movement between the parts of the joint and thus rotation of the wheel nut. 

The loosening of the wheel nut on heavy vehicles is a daily phenomenon caused by one or more of the following:

  • Less than optimal road conditions
  • Vibrations
  • Insufficient tightening tools and techniques
  • Loosening of the joints
  • Braking and acceleration
  • Human error during assembly
  • Thermal dilation and contraction of wheel bolts
  • Unbalanced wheels
  • Increase in vehicle speed
  • Loss of oil from axles on wheel nuts without locking function

Normal wheel nuts do not have locking features and therefore can loosen.

The solution: Nord-Lock wheel nuts

The Nord-Lock wheel nut safely locks the wheels on heavy road and off-road vehicles. This is based on the Nord-Lock anti-loosening system and maintains high pre-loads, even in extreme operating conditions

Each nut has a pair of captive washers that have an inclined surface on one side with an incline angle ‘α’ greater than the angle of the thread pitch ‘β’, and on the other side radial teeth. When the wheel nut is tightened, the radial teeth on the Nord-Lock washer grip the support surface, allowing movement only between the faces of the cams. Any attempt to rotate the wheel nut is blocked by the effect of the cams.

Technical Specifications

Nord-lock wheel nuts are produced in Sweden using steel with high quality technical specifications. They are pre-lubricated to ensure uniform friction and consequently a precise pre-load when tightening

The lubrication also inhibits corrosion, facilitating loosening and thus prolonging the life of the wheel columns. Consequently, Nord-Lock wheel nuts are re-usable and durable.

Surface coatingBasecoat Delta Protekt KL 100, Topcoat VH 302 GZ
Corrosion resistance600 hours in compliance with ISO 9227
Tolerance in thread after coating6H
LubricationAnti-corrosive wax
Resistance classGrade 10

Total traceability and respect for the environment

Each Nord-Lock product has a control number ensuring complete traceability. 

Nord-Lock is proud to possess ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certificates

Nord-Lock wheel nuts are also compliant with EU directives 200/53/EC on end of life vehicles (ELV) and EU 2002/95/EC on the restriction of the use of hazardous substances in electric and electronic equipment (RoHS)

ThreadC SpannerDiameterHeight ALoad torquePre-load
M 22X1.532 mm46 mm27 mm600 - 650 Nm200 kN


Download the Nord-Lock Wheel Nut brochure in PDF format

Download the Berardi Nord-Lock brochure in PDF format

Nord-Lock wheel nuts brochure

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