Coatings on the products

Berardi provides all types of treatments and processes on screws, bolts, and metal hardware to satisfy every application need.

Protective Coatings

Some of the most commonly requested treatments are burnishing, phosphate coating, GEOMET®, brass-plating, copper-plating, galvanizing, and zinc-nickel.


is a treatment for the dark surface colouring (tending towards black) of metal material, which can be done using different methods. It is used to slightly protect the metal from oxidation and to give the product a certain appearance.. Burnishing of stainless steel is also called NERINOX..

Phosphate coating

This is a chemical process that alters the surface of a metal through the creation of phosphate crystals, improving its resistance to corrosion and facilitating subsequent painting processes..
It can be performed with zinc or manganese.


Water-based coating containing zinc and aluminium in sheet form used to give very high protection to metal materials against environmental corrosion.
Resists temperatures up to 300° and no HYDROGEN fragility.
Among the different types of GEOMET® available, GEOMET® 321 and GEOMET® 500 contain a built-in lubricant. 
The main application methods for GEOMET® are by immersion or spraying.

Electrolytic galvanizing

zinc coating applied to metal mainly as protection from galvanic corrosion. There are different types and chromate treatments, from the classic and more commonly used white to iridescent and even black.

Hot galvanizing

Application of a thick zinc layer on a ferrous base by direct immersion of the parts in molten zinc (therefore “hot”). It significantly changes the size of the parts, which must be taken into account.
After many years and the arrival of new methods, it is still considered one of the most efficient and durable protections.


Aesthetic Coatings and the like

Berardi Bullonerie can also provide products subject to processes and coatings for aesthetic reasons or for traceability of individual parts such as brass-coating,  marking, and laser incision.


It is a coating process used to obtain items with a special decorative appearance: a bright gold-yellow, natural appearance.

Laser incision and marking

precise and clean process that does not damage the surface, used mainly for identification, traceability , and coding of products.

Functional Coatings

When the security of the fastening becomes extremely important, Berardi suggests the application of systems that fulfill the task of ensuring locking and anti-loosening, such as the pre-application of locking systems.

Preapplied locking system

The pre-applied products increase the stability of the joint in the presence of vibrations or dynamic stress. There are different types that vary in function from braking to locking..
Pre-applications prevent the long, tedious liquid applications performed manually in line by the operators who assemble the parts. Consequently, besides better fastening, pre-applied systems reduce and simplify assembly time..


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