Berardi Bullonerie's distribution system consists of a modern headquarters located in Castel Guelfo (BO) where the main offices are located (Management, Administration and Finance, Technical, Purchasing, Logistics, Quality and IT Systems) and a network of peripheral depots that cover the entire country.

New headquarters

The new headquarters of Berardi Bullonerie consists of a management center with 1500 m2 of offices flanked by a warehouse of around 10,000 m2.

In 2017, Berardi transferred to a new plant just a few hundred metres from the original plant.
The new location has a management centre with 1,500 m2 of office space alongside a warehouse of around 10,000 m2.
The buildings were designed to maximise energy efficiency, placing scrupulous attention on the optimisation of the passive cladding and state-of-the-art systems. The complex has a solar panel roof with state-of-the-art amorphous panels capable of producing up to 200kW, combined with heat pump conditioning unit to provide heating in the winter and air conditioning in the summer. The solutions are such that they reduce the environmental impact of the entire complex to a minimum.
The structure, designed in line with the most up-to-date anti-seismic standards, has anti-seismic equipment and shelving to guarantee the maximum safety of employees and continuity of service to our customers.

15 branches in Italy

From Milan to Bari, from Treviso to Caserta

You can rely on an extensive network of branches across the whole of Italy, strategically located and ready to guarantee immediate solutions in any emergency and eliminate the unpleasant consequences of line downtime.

The Berardi Bullonerie branches are located in Milan (MI), Lombardy, in Treviso (TV) and Padua (PD), Veneto, in Reggio Emilia (RE), Anzola Emilia (BO), Forlì-Cesena (FC) and Rimini (RN) Emilia-Romagna, in Pistoia (PT) Tuscany, in Ancona (AN) Marche, in Frosinone (FR) Lazio, in Bari (BA) Puglia and in Caserta (CE) Campania, all of them with warehouses holding thousands of items in stock.

All the depots mentioned are linked in real time with the central semi-automated warehouse covering over 10,000 m2 at the headquarters in Castel Guelfo (BO) thanks to the support of a specific technological system that manages the availability and rapid shipment of more than 50,000 items ready for delivery.

Berardi Bullonerie: numbers, facts and people

Turnover for 2023 in Euro
over 107 million
(Group € 123,000,000)

Items in stock

Items/year handled
130 thousand

(Group 311)

Sales people
(Group 76)


(and 4 associated)


Lines moved

The trust of more than

Berardi group turnover 2022

Giovanni Berardi, owner

"We don't just sell iron fastening items, we sell the added value provided by those who work for Berardi Bullonerie. A group of companies that has achieved a turnover of tens of millions of Euro but still maintains the preparation, mentality, style, humility and passion of a small artisan workshop."

People and departments

A network of 80 sales workers across the whole of Italy assists customers at the pre and after-sales stage.
A team of 30 people dedicated to customer care.
A technical staff of 10 people on hand to help the customer deal with the widest range of fastening solutions and for the research and creation of special items from drawings.

Berardi Bullonerie's procurement office is a team of 5 people who,

  • together with the Quality Office, guarantee a qualified supplier base
  • program the level of warehouse supplies
  • constantly verify the best quality/price report

In support of the procurement team, the quality office checks that the product complies with the requested specifications.

Solid, dynamic logistics organisation

Managing such a complex, widespread organisation is supported by software and hardware that together create an effective hi-tech system active on all the depots.
This permits:

  • considerable flexibility and computerisation
  • rigorous batch tracking
  • origin tracking for most of the items

This way we can quickly satisfy the specific requests made by the most demanding client regarding personalised labelling, data exchange, sharing information in real time and management of Kanban and KanbanUp services.

Innovation, R&D since 1919

1919 was the year in which Giulio Berardi opened a shop of fasteners in the heart of Bologna.
From that point on, the activity developed continually until it required more energy and space.
In 1960, Berardi Bullonerie transformed from a workshop into a large equipped store and benchmark for the whole of Emilia Romagna.
1984 was a year of great change. With its partnership with important Italian businesses, the sales network strengthened and depots sprung up all over Italy.
In 2003, the headquarters moved to Castel Guelfo and in 2006 the Berardi Bulloneri group was founded, following a buy out of some competitors.
Continuous investments in logistics and R&D into innovative services means it can present itself as the ideal partner for dealing with class "C" smallware.
A specific team, together with the customer, analyses the production procedures and flows to be improved, developing the ideal "integrated" logistics solution with a collaborative approach.

Thanks to this approach, our customers obtain:

  • considerable savings
  • fewer problems in handling these materials


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