Screws and fasteners for construction and carpentry

At Berardi we offer solutions for construction and carpentry. That is why we provide certain companies in the industry that are specifically involved in:

  • light and heavy carpentry 
  • pre-fabricated buildings 
  • special machines for drilling 
  • machines for crushing rocks
  • telescopic cranes 
  • aerial platforms

  • cranes for vehicles
  • elevators, lifts for the disabled, and stair lifts 
  • heating and air conditioning systems 
  • doors and windows
  • accessories for doors and windows 
  • water treatment

Protective treatments for every condition

This vast industry needs many different protective coatings. That is why Berardi, with its years of experience, has made agreements with many specialized treatment companies and is able to provide:

  • the more classic electrolytic galvanizing in various chromate treatments and with the possible addition of sealants
  • hot galvanizing with the higher thickness typical of this industry
  • GEOMET and ZINC-NICKEL with the addition of TOP COAT to arrive at a salt fog resistance ranging from 500 to 1000 hours.

Treatments and processes

Products for the construction and shipbuilding industry

Some of the products for this area

  • Particle board screws
  • Structural fasteners compliant with ISO 15048 and 14399
  • Anchors for sanitary fixtures
  • Chemical anchors
  • Traditional anchors

  • Screws for plywood structures
  • Screws for roofs
  • Screws for concrete
  • Trumpet screws
  • Self-tapping screws

Integrated Logistics

We resolve our customers’ resource and materials management problems through a custom logistics service, calibrated on each individual need. 

For each customer, a specialized team studies the ideal logistics solution based on manufacturing features, internal procedures, and the configuration of the area involved in the service in order to ensure maximum efficiency in providing the metal hardware needed.

The Kanban logistics service that we offer is specifically designed to speed up production times, preventing unexpected occurrences and emergencies that could undermine stability.

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  • some of the most important crane manufacturers on the international level
  • well-known manufacturers of  machines for drilling or rock crushing
  • internationally important companies that make  joinery and accessories for doors and windows




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