Flexibility and reliability: 50.000 items in stock, selected for you

Simple and Flexible: we anticipate your needs

The success of a large company depends on its ability to rapidly and effectively respond to opportunities offered by the market. Berardi Bullonerie guarantees the supply of a wide range of products selected from among hundreds of manufacturers of fasteners, springs, anchor bolts, bands etc., that are standard or made to measure, in order to provide a flexible service. Indeed, we provide you with:
• the products that you most commonly use, rapidly and reliably
• special items that allow you to acquire new segments of the market and make the difference compared to your competitors

Relying on Berardi for the entire supply of nuts and bots, screws and metal smallware, unified or customised, is a certainty and advantage because:

  • you reduce administrative and management costs by contacting a primary supplier
  • you can rely on the effectiveness of a consolidated distribution system
  • the product quality is guaranteed by Berardi Bullonerie
  • you have the chance to expand your market with new kinds of items

Procurement Office

Berardi's procurement office is a team of 5 skilled experts who: 

  • guarantee the status of the suppliers
  • program the rotation of warehouse supplies
  • constantly verify the best quality/price report

In support of the procurement team, the quality office checks that the product complies with the requested specifications.

We select for you the most reliable manufacturers for each item

Unified Fasteners

over 50.000 items in stock

The role and responsibility of our standardised products is to effectively and safely unite our clients' "groups" with high technological content.
For each item we choose the most qualified manufacturers, selected using strict quality criteria.
We have more than 50,000 standard items available in stock, ready for delivery, plus the items listed in the database.

When safety is important

Anti-slackening applications, captive screws, Nord-Lock washers and nuts, anti-vandal screws: these are the solutions we offer our customers who need to purchase fastening parts with a high level of inherent safety.



We can offer a wide range of over 23,000 kinds of springs suitable for any kind of product sector thanks to the partnership with Lee Spring, leading supplier of springs.
The advantages to our customers of this exclusive partnership are considerable:

  • Minimum number of orders (minimum of 5 pieces)
  • Fast, guaranteed delivery times: any order placed with the company by 12:00 is processed on the same day

The choice ranges from a 0.127mm thread up to 15.88 mm.
Each item includes:

  • ultrasound cleaning treatments
  • passivation
  • powder painting
  • heat treatment
  • polishing

Furthermore, the people in our specialised technical department are ready to provide customised solutions with materials and treatments on demand.


Anchors and anchor bolts

We supply both lightweight and prolonged fastenings: from universal anchors in nylon to specific ones for plasterboard, cement and windows and doors in general.
Our assortment has every kind of anchor and anchor bolt, capable of dealing even with extreme needs in terms of hold and reliability.
Wide range of anchoring systems: from heavy-duty fastening or for scaffolding, right up to chemical, including collars, insulating material and professional tips.


Bands, plastic fastening systems and wiring

Hose clamps bands designed to guarantee maximum resistance, with or without screws, excellent solutions for the cable, cable grommets and cable clips.
Berardi Bullonerie is the authorised distributor for several manufacturers of clamping and wiring, clips, shaft clamps and pipe and cable joints.


Hydraulic and pneumatic accessories

Thanks to collaboration with the most important companies in the industry, we have a wide range of undisputed quality products: joints, adaptors, rapid grafts, collars, u-bolts, manometers, closure caps, filling caps and venting channel caps, indicators and oil dip sticks.


Manoeuvre and blocking elements

Extensive catalogue of knobs, valves, handles, grips, cranks and so many other items. We offer different shapes, sizes and kinds of assembly, with smooth or threaded bushings, or with threaded studs to be adapted to the widest range of applications.



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