Nord-Lock Washers

Since 2012, Berardi Bullonerie is an authorized distributor of Nord-Lock, a Swedish company that is an international leader in fastenings for bolted joints subject to strong vibrations and dynamic loads.

Nord-Lock washers

  • are simple and efficient to use
  • supply the simplest anti-loosening system in the world
  • ensure structural safety for applications exposed to vibrations and dynamic loads
  • over the years they have been tested and approved by independent institutes and certified as a safe anti-loosening system
  • are certified by various industrial standards 
  • are inserted in the technical specifications of numerous international companies

Nord-Lock is not just Washers

Nord-Lock Wheel Nuts

An innovative system ensuring security

Nord-Lock washers guarantee tightness because they block the bolted joints, using tension and not friction. The system is comprised of a pair of washers with a series of cams on one side and radial teeth on the other.


Nord-Lock in industry

Nord-Lock washers are used in the following types of industries: 

  • energy
  • transportation
  • offshore
  • drilling and mining
  • general construction and bridge construction
  • manufacturing processes
  • naval industry
  • forestry and agriculture
  • heavy vehicles
  • military industry 

... and wherever it is necessary to guarantee that it is absolutely impossible to loosen the fastening.

For this reason, the number of industries in which Nord-Lock washers are used is continuously growing.

Guaranteed traceability

Nord-Lock washers are rigorously tested during every manufacturing phase to ensure that the quality standards are being respected.

Every batch is assigned a control number that ensures complete traceability and confirms that the washers are an original Nord-Lock item. The control number is printed on each package and each pair of washers, allowing complete traceability from the first assembly.

The first strength is their ease of use

Nord-Lock washers are safe and efficient to use and ensure structural safety for applications exposed to vibrations and dynamic loads.

Installing the Washers

To make installation easier, the washers come pre-assembled in cam-to-cam pairs.


Loosening Nord-Lock washers is as easy as tightening them: since the locking function is not based on the increase in friction, the loosening torque is generally lower than the tightening torque.
During loosening, the movement must occur between the faces of the cams. Usually you can hear a “click” at the step.
The incisions in the tops of the Nord-Lock washers must be visible on the nut and surface after loosening.

Reusing Nord-Lock

Nord-Lock washers can be re-used normally.
Like all fastening elements, the amount of wear must be checked before re-use.
Lubricate all fastening elements before re-use in order to minimize changes in friction conditions.


Examples of applications of Nord-Lock washers

Threaded holes

Nord-Lock washers securely lock bolts against the surface below

Bored holes

The external diameter of Nord-Lock washers is designed for bored holes in compliance with DIN 974, positioning itself correctly below the head of normal bolts


Nord-Lock washers securely lock nuts on studs, eliminating the need for glues


Download the Nord-Lock X-Series Washer brochure in PDF format

Download the Berardi Nord-Lock depliant in PDF format

Nord-Lock washers brochure
Berardi Nord-Lock depliant

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