Fastening systems for the automotive industry

Berardi offers a wide range of products and all of its skill and professionalism to the automotive industry. For this reason, we are partners with numerous companies manufacturing:

  • automobiles and motorcycles
  • trucks 
  • trailers
  • axles and suspension units
  • automotive parts and accessories

Special products and processes for the automotive industry

Quick mounting systems with heavy mechanical and vibration resistance such as screws for special applications with hexagonal or flanged heads, for axle or suspension assemblies, and nuts of non standard size are just a few of the elements produced, even custom-produced, for this industry.

Of particular importance is the ability to provide items with the high quality protective coatings most requested by this industry: Berardi is able to apply to its fasteners the high protection of the GEOMET and DELTAPROTEKT line, including all TOP COATS useful for the best management of friction coefficients.

A further feature is the ability to prevent undesired loosening with the help and application of special chemical-based inserts in the threaded areas of the fasteners.

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Integrated Logistics

Line production requires constant procurement of materials. For this reason we know how important it is to provide a careful and precise logistics service that can facilitate stock management.

Our specialized team studies the ideal logistics solution with you, based on the needs of the production chain, internal procedures, and the configuration of the area involved in the service, in order to ensure maximum efficiency in supplying the material needed.

Our Kanban logistics service, in particular, is designed specifically to optimize the  manufacturing chain, preventing unexpected events and emergencies that could interrupt it or slow it down.

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Products for the automotive industry

These are some of the products that Berardi provides to companies in the automotive, transport, and moving industry.

  • Hub posts for wheel mounting
  • Crowned nuts
  • Wheel nuts
  • Springs

  • Wheel rim screws
  • Bushings 
  • Plastic fastening systems
  • Fasteners selected with videocameras, with defects of less than 50 PPM

Over 6,000 satisfied customers



Our customers are proof of the quality of our work, among our over 6,000 customers are: 

  • some of the most important manufacturers of automobiles and motorcycles in the Emilia Romagna Motor Valley
  • well-known  manufacturers of power transmission systems
  • international companies specialising in the  creation of LPG and natural gas automotive systems




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