Quality Guaranteed

Quality without compromise has been the company’s credo since it was founded in 1919.
But the Quality guaranteed by Berardi is not just an idea, it is a fact sustained by 3 key points + 1:



Selection of sources and materials

To minimize the risk of product defects, we carefully select our sources. Audits are performed by highly qualified individuals thanks to a privileged relationship with our suppliers.

Individuals and Instruments

A team of specialists

Gianluca, Luisa, Moreno, Davide and Gabriella: the 5 inspectors who work to ensure and guarantee the quality of your fasteners. Marco and Rossano take care of regulatory supervision and product certifications.

Together they are a team of 7 individuals who are continuously up-to-date, trained, and motivated to guarantee maximum care.

Inspection instruments

The quality control department has a laboratory equipped with the best technology, which is continuously integrated with new instrumentation and specific staff training.

For example, the laboratory equipment includes:

  • machine for checking traction resistance

  • salt fog chamber to check resistance to corrosion

  • X-ray machine to check the thickness of the protective coatings

  • set of machines to inspect the micro hardness characteristics

  • Magnatest, for non-destructive inspection of the material with the magneto-inductive method

  • digital system to perform complex optical measurements

  • sorting machines with optical and laser devices to ensure minimum defects in batches, expressed in parts per million

The optical sorting line is designed to check parts with a diameter between  3 and 12 mm and a maximum length of 90 mm.

Some of the key inspections performed include:

all primary dimensional characteristics

defects in threading

the presence and depth of the manoeuvring slots

whether or not there is a protective coating (galvanisation, etc.)

measurement of the thickness of the coating

traction and hardness test

ICIM Certification

Thanks to investments in individuals and the most innovative instruments, we can ensure high quality batches with  defects of less than 50 PPM

We can guarantee the traceability of all production materials, including certification of the origin of the materials and processing.

Quality system certification is another sign of the constant care taken to improve the product and the services offered.

Guaranteed by our best customers

The best quality guarantee comes from our 6235 customers, including:

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