Quality Guaranteed

Quality without compromising has been the company's creed since its foundation in 1919.
But the quality that Berardi guarantees is not just an idea, it is a fact supported by 3 key points +1:



Selection of sources and materials

To reduce the risk of product defects to a minimum, we carefully select the procurement sources. We do so with audits carried out by highly skilled staff and thanks to a privileged relationship with suppliers.

People and Tools

A team of specialists

To our testers who work to ensure and guarantee the quality of your fasteners, is added the professionals who deal with legislative control and product certification. Together they form a constantly updated team, trained and motivated to guarantee a maximum level of attention.

Control tools

The quality control department has access to a laboratory equipped with the best technology, that is continually integrated with new tools and specific staff training.

The tools kept in the laboratory for example include:
• the machine for checking resistance to traction
• the salt spray chamber to check resistance to corrosion
• the X-ray machine to check the thickness of protective coatings
• the set of machines to inspect the micro hardness features
• the Magnatest, for the non-destructive control of material with magnetic-induction method
• the digital system for taking complex optical measurements
• the selecting machines with optical and laser devices, to guarantee minimum defects on the batches, expressed in parts per million


The optical selection line is designed to check parts with a diameter of between 3 and 12 mm and a maximum length of 90 mm.

Berardi Bullonerie, optical selection 100%
Berardi Bullonerie, traction machine
Berardi Bullonerie, optical selection 100%
Berardi Bullonerie, uncompromising quality

Some key controls carried out:

all the main size features

the defects on threadings

the presence and depth of the manoeuvre cables

the presence or absence of a protective coating (galvanisation,...)

the measurement of the coating thickness

the traction and hardness test

ICIM Certification

Thanks to the investment in people and the most innovative tools, we can guarantee batches with a high level of quality and defects inferior to 50 PPM.
We can guarantee the tracking of all the production material, even in virtue of origin certification of materials and processings.
The quality system certification guarantees constant attention on improving the product and services provided.

CSA Certification

In order to celebrate our first one hundred years of activity, we wanted to listen to our customers and assess their level of satisfaction.
We are proud to communicate that CERVED, the partner to whom we entrusted the survey, granted us CSA Recognition as a VIRTUOUS COMPANY, that listens carefully to its customers, due to the fact that 97% of the 500 companies interviewed in the survey said they were satisfied with our service.
Thanks to the important contribution that you have made, we continue to improve the operational procedures and establish new service development areas.

Guaranteed by our best customers

The best quality guarantee is our 6,476 customers, that include:

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