Direct sales

Over 50.000 standard products for prompt delivery. Supplying bolts, screws, springs, anchors, metal and plastic items - both custom and standard.
We select the most qualified manufacturer for each item and  expert staff  perform inspections with cutting-edge machinery. You can count on a network of 11 warehouses throughout Italy to ensure immediate solutions to your urgent requests and prevent downtime.

Advantages for your business:


Care and customization
of packaging

Quick orders

Dedicated pickup system that allows
orders to be fulfilled in the same day

Verification of origin

Origin control
of most of the products managed

Carrier Monitoring

Constant control
of carriers and shipments


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Company Profile Berardi
Special custom parts and quality
Kanban Berardi

Headquarters and warehouses

Berardi Bullonerie distributes its products to customers belonging to various merchandise sectors and located throughout the country, ensuring quick service and efficient procurement.

The Berardi Bullonerie distribution system is comprised of a modern facility located in Castel Guelfo (Bologna), which holds the main offices (Management, Administration and Finance, Technical, Purchasing, Logistics, Quality, Information Systems) and a network of 12 peripheral warehouses that cover the entire country.

Warehouses 2.0

15 warehouses in Italy: From Milan to Bari, from Treviso to Caserta

Management of such a complex organization is maintained by software and hardware that work together to create an efficient hi-tech system, active in all warehouses.

We are thus able to quickly meet the specific needs of the most demanding customers in terms of customized labelling, real-time information sharing and Kanban and Kanban Up service management.

You can count on our  extended network of branches throughout Italy, in strategic locations, and ready to ensure immediate solutions to your urgent needs and prevent the unpleasant consequences of line downtime.

The Berardi Bullonerie branches are in Lombardy in Milan, in Veneto in Treviso and Padova, in Emilia-Romagna in Reggio Emilia, Anzola Emilia,Cesena and Rimini, in Tuscany in Pistoia, in Marche in Ancona, in Lazio in Frosinone, in Puglia in Bari and in Campania in Caserta. All are equipped with warehouses containing thousands of items in stock.

All of the warehouses mentioned are connected in real time with the over 10.000 m2 central, semi-automated warehouse at the Castel Guelfo (BO)  facility thanks to the support of a dedicated computer system that manages availability and the quick sending of over 50.000 prompt delivery items..

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