Thread-locking and thread-sealing

We supply screws and bolts with pre-applied chemical patches that prevent their loosening or fluid leakage.

  • Adhesives (DIN 267/27): microcapsules with low, medium or strong locking action for any threaded joint, and work well on any kind of metal, and even some plastic materials.
  • Thread-lockers (DIN 267/28): polyamides with immediate locking action, and reusable in case of adjustments. During installation, the product fills the space between the male and female thread, creating more contact surface, and offering a strong and lasting resistance to vibration and loosening. If applied on the full 360° of the thread, it also works as a sealant for low-pressure liquids.
  • Sealants (DIN 267/27): these high-efficiency microcapsules are ideal to contain high-pressure liquids in any kind of threaded joint (cylindrical or conical), on any kind of metal, and on most plastic materials.
  • Thread protectors: protecting threaded parts from paint primers or soldering traces; the low-temperature application guarantees the integrity of surface coatings and mechanical properties.


  • High resistance to loosening, stress, vibration and fluid leakage.
  • Time saving: screws with pre-applied thread-lockers can be used on automatic assembly lines, enhancing rapidity and productivity.
  • Money saving: pre-applying thread sealants is more economical than other sealing methods, eliminating the need for O-Rings and nylon washers.
  • Quality guaranteed: thread lockers and sealants are applied according to either ISO standards or custom drawings, ensuring that their performance is coherent and measurable.
  • Corrosion resistance: thread lockers and sealants isolate different metals from one another, helping prevent any galvanic corrosion which might arise.

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