Sealings and washers

Berardi Fasteners is enhancing its offer of sealings for the hydraulic and pneumatic industry, in close cooperation with top Italian players.

Static applications


The whole range of static seals (O-Rings, cords, X-Rings, cover seals, bonded seals, etc.) are available in any concievable dimensions – metric, imperial and other international standards. The large number of materials fulfil all requirements and also have certification in accordance with DIN-DVGW, KTW, WRAS, FDA, NSF, ACS.

Rotating movements

Standard design rotary shaft seals, with or without protective lips, in the materials: NBR, FKM are part of our range as are special designs with elastomer fully-coated metal bodies, double protective or sealing lips and reinforced sealing lips for higher pressures.

Non-mould production, largest diameters, modified materials (VMQ, EPDM, ACM etc.) and adaption to the required application are as much part of our production spectrum as v-rings, axial seals, shaft sleeves and rotary seals for rotating and swivelling movements.

Translational movements

Piston and rod seals, u-rings, wipers, guide strips and rings for hydraulics are available from stock in all the standard dimensions – in the materials: NBR, PTFE, TPU, hard fabric and elastomer fabric, symmetric or asymmetric, with and without additional springs. Application specific changes of design or material can also be effected.


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