Mechanical parts

Berardi Bullonerie provides fastening and installation systems for many companies in the mechanical parts industry, manufacturing:

  • reduction units, gearboxes, and speed variators
  • pumps, electrical pumps, and pressure units
  • machinery for milling and turning
  • compressors, turbines
  • distributors and hydraulic valves

Coatings and treatments for mechanical parts

This vast industry needs many different protective coatings. That is why Berardi, with its years of experience, has made agreements with many specialised treatment companies and is able to provide:

  • the more classic electrolytic galvanizing in various chromate treatments and with the possible addition of sealants
  • Nickel plating, Copper plating, Burnishing, and Zinc or Manganese Phosphating
  • GEOMET and ZINC-NICKEL with the addition of TOP COAT to arrive at a salt fog resistance ranging from 500 to 1000 hours.

Keep in mind the danger of loosening due to heavy vibrations: in this regard, Berardi offers a wide choice of solutions ranging from braking or blocking applications for threading, to the use of specific anti-loosening washers.

Treatments and processes

Customers and applications

The best quality guarantee comes from our over 6,000 customers, including: 

  • manufacturers of  hydraulic and electronic systems  such as valves, distributors, pumps, and motors
  • companies that create  solutions for control and power transmission
  • leading international groups in  technology for water handling and management




Integrated Logistics

We resolve our customers’ resource and materials management problems through a custom logistics service , calibrated on each individual need. 

For each customer, a specialized team studies the ideal logistics solution based on manufacturing features, internal procedures, and the configuration of the area involved in the service in order to ensure maximum efficiency in providing the metal hardware needed.

The Kanban logistics service that we offer is specifically designed to speed up production times, preventing unexpected occurrences and emergencies that could undermine stability.

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