Industrial Handles and Levers

The first section of this chapter illustrates the operating parts used for closing, regulating, and fixing.

Adjustable clamping levers


These are used for manual closures and regulations.

  • With threaded stud (zinc-plated or stainless steel), or blind threaded hole
  • Available materials: zamak-steel, zamak-stainless, polyamide-steel, polyamide-stainless
  • Different colours and shapes

Cam levers


  • With threaded stud or blind threaded hole
  • Available materials: zinc-plated steel, polished stainless steel
  • Eccentric type also available

The second section showcases the Handles assortment.

Recessed handles


  • Thermoplastic or ABS
  • Snap-in or assembled with screws

D-shaped handles


Varnished, brushed or glossy chrome-plated steel

Tubular handles


Aluminium tube, stainless steel or thermoplastic supports; stainless steel tube with grip

Bridge handles


    Available materials: thermosetting polymer, glass-filled polyamide or polyamide PA6

  • Available with threaded hole or threaded insert (brass, stainless), or threaded stud

The chapter ends with:

Hand grips



    Other materials and colours available on request

These operating parts are used in machine building, power systems, working tools, as well as sports equipment and furniture.