Positioning and indexing elements

This section of the catalogue includes all elements needed for the positioning of various mechanical parts during all phases of the production process.

Spring plungers


  • Smooth or threaded body
  • Slotted, hex socket or with cylinder head
  • Steel or stainless steel body and ball/pin.
  • "Long-Lok" thread lock available for the threaded versions

Indexing plungers


  • Steel or Stainless steel version
  • Short type (indexing pin in various sizes)
  • With grip
  • With ring

All types are available without collar.

Cam action indexing plungers


With burnished steel or stainless steel grip.

Locking pins, ball lock pins

Locking-pins-ball lock pins-Extracomponents-Berardi-Group

  • All stainless, with stainless or tempered stainless stud
  • Grip with different shapes and materials (aluminium, stainless, thermoplastic)
  • Support bushing for ball lock pins, also with Long-Lok thread lock






Useful accessories to use with the other components:

  • Stainless steel key rings
  • Spiral safety cables
  • Retaining cables (different versions)