Stater operating and clamping elements

In order to further expand the range of products available to you and facilitate the reduction in number of suppliers, Berardi has begun collaborating with Stater Srl in Modena, a company with over 30 years of experience in the production of knobs, handwheels, hand grips, handles, cranks, and other manoeuvring elements.

The over 15,000 products in the catalogue offer the opportunity to customize the product with logos, marks, and colours<strong/>  based on your brand.
Stater offers the study, design, and creation of parts for third parties for specific needs.

Stater catalogue items are primarily divided into two large families.

Thermoplastic products

The family of thermoplastics results from the need to offer products that are economically advantageous while still maintaining a high standard of quality.

Thermosetting products

Thermosetting products are produced individually and the raw material used cannot be re-used, compared to the production of thermoplastics where it can be used several times.

The family of thermosetting products (bakelite) is used in certain applications requiring:

  • resistance to high temperatures
  • high quality appearance


Download the Stater Catalogue in PDF format

Example of items handled

Wingnut Mod. G1 with screw
Handwheel model V1 with threaded blind bushing
Handwheel model V2 with screw
Spoke handwheel Mod. VR1 with handle
Adjustable foot Mod. PR

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